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About Us

The Center for Disease Control has recently determined that 1 in 36 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Further, 1 in 23 boys will receive a diagnosis of ASD. Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by restrictive interests and communication-social skills differences. Early detection and intense intervention can dramatically change the life of an autistic child. 
North GA Autism Foundation (NGAF), Inc. was originally formed to help fill the significant gaps in ASD services North Georgia, Polk County, TN and Cherokee County, NC. NGAF offers clinical services through a partnership with Appalachian Psychological and Behavior Services.


It quickly became obvious that life span support services were also lacking.  NGAF expanded its mission to support individuals with disabilities from birth through life. Transition to adulthood and meaningful career development are challenges for people with disabilities. 

NGAF offers the Stepped Transition in Education Program for Students (STEPS). STEPS was designed to help young autistic people, 16-25 years old develop skills to live more independently and work toward their vocational and educational goals. NGAF provides career development services through supported employment throughthe Community Enterprises Program.The NGAF Community Enterprise Art Gallery provides employment opportunities for adult artists and adults seeking work in a retail setting. Our goal is to help every person reach their full potential.  NGAF seeks to support individuals and families living with the challenges of autism, other developmental disorders and people with disabilities. We know there are children and adults in our community that are not receiving ASD services and
disability services, we need to reach out to these families and bring them hope.
Let’s not lose another generation of ASD children and leave them destined to never live independently.  Please help us change the life of a child forever and help everyone in our community live a life well lived.  
For more information or to answer any additional questions please call NGAF Clinical Services at (706) 204-9044 or email,

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