Meet our Team


Meet the Community Enterprises Team

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Brian Stahl


Art Gallery

Brian started showing artistic ability at an early age around the age of 3. Brian's pre k teacher Ms. Jennifer Keener ask the class to draw a rainbow. Brian picked up several crayons with the colors of the rainbow and in one sweep made a rainbow. He continued to do many other drawings and paintings. When he was in second grade he went to a homeschool group Timothy Ministries. He worked with clay media that was equally impressive to his teachers.

Brian reentered school in middle school and made several attempts for front cover of the annual. He did get to have a part in the school paper with drawing anime cartoons for the paper.

He has studied numerous books and has self taught himself through studying how to improve his techniques. While attending school at Warm Springs, his art was placed on display in the local gallery.


Brian continues to draw daily to improve his skills as an artist. He enjoys drawing, painting and photography. His art is available online and in the NGAF Art Gallery.

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Erik Eide


Art Gallery

Erik is an aspiring artist who enjoys painting on canvas.  He has produced a very popular turtle postcard that is available at the Gallery or online.  


Erik is from Durham, North Carolina where he attended public schools and graduated from Orange County High School in 2016.  After graduating from high school Erik enrolled at Alamance Community College where he completed his studies in Healthcare Services in 2017.


Over the years Erik has participated in Special Olympics swimming, tennis, basketball, golf, baseball and bowling.  He spent several years in Scouting achieving the level of Eagle Scout.  Erik has great respect and appreciation for all animal life and nature.  


Erik’s hobbies include reading, watching movies, enjoying water activities, travel, nature and caring for elderly people.


Erik believes that we all need to give back to complete the circle of life.

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Mason Arntzen

Instructional Assistant

Georgia Bridge Academy

Mason first started assisting in education in the fifth grade, participating in an initiative called "Book Buddies'', a tutoring program that served in promoting early literacy by having fifth graders read books to younger students. It was a somewhat limited environment, being scheduled for an hour a week, but was still an enjoyable introductory experience.

In High School, he continued this work in a more formal capacity, volunteering in a joint effort between Kennesaw Mountain High School's Magnet program and neighboring schools. There, he worked as an after school tutor for mathematics and science at McClure Middle School, and as a teacher’s aide at Bullard Elementary, spending the first half of his school day assisting with a 1st grade classroom, grading papers and tutoring students in lieu of standard classes.

After leaving the magnet program, he went on to study computer science at Kennesaw State University for 2 years, before withdrawing due to health issues.

Outside of work, his hobby is competitive gaming, which he was first introduced to in 2013. Since then, he has participated in E-Sports as a competitor, commentator, and organizer. 


Chase Schofield

Administrative Assistant 

Art Gallery 

Chase was born in Boca Raton, FL before moving to Copperhill, TN, where he has lived most of his life. Chase graduated from Copper Basin High School in 2018. He played football for 3 years at Copper Basin High School, Go Cougars! Chase is the youngest of 3, with an older brother and sister. Chase attended Middle Tennessee University, studying history. Chase enjoys watching football and basketball, as well as National Geographic for information on wildlife and nature. Chase’s goals are to get a job to make money of his own. He plans to save his money for housing and to retire one day.

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Brandon Keener

Instructional  Assistant

Georgia Bridge Academy

Brandon's interest in computers started early in school. He maintained this interest until after high school while receiving a diploma in computer information systems/ networking specialist from West Georgia Technical College. 

While Brandon was pursuing his diploma, he worked as a helpdesk technician at the Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital. After moving back to Chatsworth, GA he volunteered as a teacher's assistant helping elementary school students with their reading skills. Brandon also worked with the local senior center.

Brandon decided to go back to college to pursue a communications degree. He was working toward this degree when the circumstances of the last year prompted a pause in his education. He is currently working to pursue Cisco certifications and job training.

Hobbies: Listening to music and audiobooks, watching movies and playing video games.


Lucy Sparks
Retail Associate

Alexander's Store

Lucy was born and raised in Blairsville, GA. She attended Union County Primary until the 2nd grade then attended Mountain Area Christian Academy until graduation in 2021. At MACA she played volleyball, helped in her classroom and assisted in the front office. Lucy has a nurturing and compassionate heart. Some of her favorite things include supporting fire and police organizations, YouTube and Starbucks. She works at Alexander’s store in Blairsville, GA.