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The North Georgia Autism Foundation (NGAF), in partnership with The University of Alabama, is starting a two-year project to implement a new program, the Stepped Transition in Education Program for Students with ASD (STEPS) into the community. STEPS was designed to help young people, 16-25 years old, with autism and related conditions develop skills to live more independently and work toward their vocational and educational goals.


Blue Ridge Psychological Services with Dr. Kyle Raque and Dr. Brian Johnson will be the clinical base for STEPS implementation.  NGAF has begun enrolling students and young adults. If you are interested in learning more and possibly enrolling please call Tripp Ritchie at 706-946-0499.

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Dr. White's Corner:

Research Information and Opportunities

Our colleagues in the Social Competence and Treatment Lab (SCTL) at Stony Brook University are conducting a research study for children ages 11-16 with ASD to better understand and support emotional resilience and stress coping skills. The Online Promoting Resilience in Teens with ASD (OPRITA) Study is completed entirely online, and upon completed of the study, participants will receive an gift card (please see enclosed flyer).


Here is more in-depth information about the study:

The OPRITA Study is for kids and teens ages 11-16 with ASD. The goal of this study is to better understand and support emotional resilience and stress coping skills among teens with ASD. Participation in this study is entirely online, involving two virtual visits (via Zoom):

1.) The "Baseline" virtual visit will include questionnaires for the parents and their child to complete and an online activity for their child to participate in. 

2.) The "Follow-Up" virtual visit will take place three months later and will include questionnaires for the parent and their child to complete.


If you are interested in enrolling, please click here:


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