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The North Georgia Autism Foundation (NGAF), in collaboration with The University of Alabama, is embarking on a two-year initiative to introduce STEPS into the community.

STEPS, the Stepped Transition in Education Program for Students and young adults with ASD, is an evidence-based program crafted by Dr. Susan White at the University of Alabama. It aims to empower young adults with ASD and related conditions to cultivate skills for greater independence and pursue their vocational and educational aspirations. This 12-session program spans 12 to 16 weeks, offering an immersive experience to reinforce acquired skills.


Join us in shaping a brighter future! NGAF and the University of Alabama are seeking individuals with autism, aged 16 to 25, along with their parent or guardian, to participate in STEPS. Empower yourself or your loved one with the skills needed for greater independence and fulfillment. Take the first step toward a journey of growth and opportunity by enrolling in STEPS today!


STEPS is a catalyst for vital adult autonomy skills like self-knowledge, self-determination, and self-regulation. Our mission is to propel young adults toward their fullest potential, smoothing the transition from their current point to their envisioned destination.

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